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  1. Submit a question to the CramShark system free of charge.
  2. Wait for tutors to supply an answer to your question.
  3. Browse all the answers and decide to make a purchase

Buying Tips

  • Submitting an assignment is always free
  • You choose if you want to buy an answer
  • Make sure you list all requirements for the assignment and any helpful documentation you have
  • Determine the best submission based upon preview, price, and feedback rating
  • The entire submission and attachments will not be available until purchased. Look at the viewable preview to determine if this answer suits your question


Post a Tutorial

  • Posting an answer to a question couldn't be easier. Simply follow the quick 3 step wizard and you are done
  • When your submission is purchased, CramShark will notify you by email and your account will be automatically credited.
  • Earn extra money for your submission when multiple users purchase your answer

Selling Tips

  • Pay close attention that you have answered all requirements the question asked
  • When listing your answer, utilize the preview generator to give the user a good preview of your answer without giving it away
  • Reviewing your User Feedback could prove to be very beneficial for you. The better your answers, the higher your ranking will be. This higher ranking will generate more purchases, putting more cash in your pocket.
  • If you have little or no feedback, you might want to lower your tutorial price to be more likely to be purchased


  • CramShark allows for you to make as much off of your submission as possible by allowing your answer to be purchased multiple times.
    • The first time your submission is purchased, a 15% commission fee is charged on the final sales price
    • For each subsequent purchase, a 35% commission fee is charged on the final sales price
  • When you are ready to withdraw money from the CramShark system, a processing fee of $1.00 is charged.
  • Rush withdrawal is available for a service charge of 5% of the withdrawal amount plus the standard $1.00 withdrawal fee.