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memory game


In the previous assingment, I created a memory game. In this phase of the Memory game, you will be adding exceptions and exception handling to your project. In this part of the assignment you will be expected to modify two methods to throw exceptions and add exception handling to the MemoryBoard’s interact method. Design Modify the game to allow for only a certain number of attempts before the game ends (say 50). Exceptions Your new exception classes should be placed in a new exceptions package. Both exceptions should extend RuntimeException. MatchAlreadyFoundException – This exception is thrown when there is an attempt to click on an image or box that has already been uncovered (meaning that a match has already been found for that image). A message should display on the screen indicating that that match has already been found. You may decide how to implement this exception method. SameBoxClickedException – This exception is thrown when a player clicks a particular box twice in succession; in other words, a box is clicked to review the image beneath, and then that same box is clicked again before any other box is clicked. An appropriate message should appear on the screen indicating this. You may decide how to implement this exception method. Attachments
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