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For the following exercises, you will address problems and answer questions from the Alexamara Marina Group staff. You do not use the Alexamara database for any of these exercises. 1. The log shown in Figure 7-19 includes four transactions that completed successfully. For each of the four transactions, list the transaction ID and the table(s) modified. Also, list whether the modification to the table added, changed, or deleted a record. Transaction ID Time Action Record Updated Before Image After Image 1 11:00 Start 2 11:01 Start 1 11:02 Insert ServiceRequest (16) (new values) 3 11:03 Start 2 11:04 Update Marina (1) (old values) (old values) (new values) 3 11:05 Update Owner (EL25) (new values) Owner (EL25) 1 11:06 Commit 4 11:07 Start 3 11:08 Update MarinaSlip (2) MarinaSlip (2) MarinaSlip (2) (new values) 3 11:09 Commit 2 11:10 Update (new values) 2 11:11 Commit (old values) 4 11:12 Update (old values) (new values) 4 11:13 Update (old values) 4 11:14 Commit (old values) (new values) 2. Suppose a catastrophe destroys the database just after 11:10. Which transactions in the sample log shown in Figure 7-19 would the recovery program use to update the restored database? Which transactions would have to be reentered by users? 3. If two of the four transactions shown in Figure 7-19 started at different times, deadlock could have occurred. Adjust the log to create deadlock between these two transactions. Attachments
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Update TransactionId: 4 Table(s) Modified: MarinaSlip, Owner Modification: Update 2) Transaction Ids 1 and 3 were committed successfully before 11:10 Transactions Ids 2 and 4 would need to be reentered by users. 3)

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