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Java OOP


How quickly can you complete this? You will create a class that can be used as the basis of a library for saving or extracting data from a web page. Part 1 of the test will involve a series of questions. Each question will require a separate method in this class. The class and it's methods will be used by 10 employees in the company you work for. The methods will be called with different inputs from different employees throughout the day. Make sure you account for invalid inputs and other cases where the methods may need to return error codes. This can't be a bunch of hacked code. The company is depending on you to make the code rock solid. All methods except those involving disk IO will have at least 1 string input which will contain HTML source code. You may use test code for this string value or an actual snippet of HTML code. Feel free to use any other inputs you may need to accomplish the task. Just create variables in your main, populate them with test information and pass those variables to your methods. Please complete each question as it is presented to you and then fully test and run your code. Please let the instructor know when you are Attachments
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