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Write a Java program to simulate an online shopping cart.


Instructions are in the word document. The file is already complete. Pretty much all of the work needs to be done in the file, however you do need both files open in order for it to work. Thanks for your help ! Attachments Tags Clarifications


Shopping Cart Solution


Below you'll find the completed file and the file. Attachments (4 K) Download Preview
the following: * Create the shopping cart object * Offer a menu of options: * 1 add an item to your cart * 2 remove an item from your cart * 3 view the items in your cart * 4 end shopping and go to checkout * 5 empty your (1 K) Download Preview
inProduct; quantity = inQuant; price = inPrice; } //getter setter public methods for each instance data public String getProduct() { return product; } public int getQuantity() { return quantity; } public double getPrice() { return

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