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Java Binary Tree


I am writing a couple of classes for a Binary Tree program which are attached below. The node class and Tree class are the ones I have been working on and the TreeDemo class has been provided to us and absolutely cannot be altered in any way. I have spent several hours already trying to work on these two classes but I am having trouble with the recursion process and some methods. I have set up a lot of the assignment so I don't anticipate much more coding but just a handful of methods such as a Search method, inOrder, postOrder, preOrder, and toString. You may change anything you need to in the class or class, just not the main program. The instructions are also attached. Attachments Tags Clarifications


Program Code


Answer to the questioned asked. Attachments (2 K) Download Preview
> 0) { // look right if (loc.right != null) loc = loc.right; else { loc.right = new TreeNode(d); break; } } else break; // found! Don't insert } } // method to search for a specific word in the tree public void search(String string) { TreeNode t = root; (1 K) Download Preview
d) { // construct leaf node data = d; left = right (1 K) Download Preview
new Random(); // Initialize Random Tree myTree = new Tree(); // Initialize the Tree for (int addLoop = 0; addLoop < 16; addLoop++) // Loop to add items to the Tree myTree.insert(numbers[rand.nextInt(16)]); // Method call to the tree to insert nodes System.out.println("---Searches---"); // Start

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