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Alice 2.2 - Record and Play a Song


7. Record and Play a Song The goal of this project is to allow users to record their own song and play it back. This project is an extension of project 5, from Chapter 5. If you already created the AlicePiano project, reuse it for this project. Otherwise, please refer back to project 5, Ch. 5, and create the project, as described. To the AlicePiano world created in Ch. 5 project 5, add four control “buttons.” These buttons can be created using different shapes and 3D text, as shown in the screen capture below. The four buttons will be used to: • Start recording—start recording a song • Stop recording—stop recording this song • Play recording—play the latest recorded song • Clear recording—erase the latest recorded song To record a song, the user first clicks the Rec button and then clicks on the piano keys to create a sequence of notes. As the user clicks each note, the note is played (to give feedback to the user) and is also recorded. To record the notes, create a world-level list named newSong. Initially, the newSong list is empty, but during the recording process notes are added to the end of the list. To stop the recording, the user clicks the StopRec button. Hint: In a recording studio, a “RECORDING IN PROGRESS” sign lights up when the microphones are on and the artist is playing. You must create a similar signal to let Alice know when to record and when not to record notes in the newSong list. Try using a Boolean variable named recording. It should be set to true when recording but false when recording stops. Any methods that play a note should check this condition before Attachments
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Record & Play Song - Alice


Completed as per the specifications and used Piano notes as well Attachments (1571 K) Download


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