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Computer Networking


2. Telephone channels have a bandwidth of about 3.1 kHz. Do the following in Excel. Cut and paste your analyses into your homework. a) If a telephone channels signal-to-noise ratio is 1,000 (the signal strength is 1,000 times larger than the noise strength), how fast can a telephone channel carry data? (Check figure: Telephone modems operate at about 30 kbps, so your answer should be roughly the speed.) b) How fast could a telephone channel carry data if the SNR were increased massively, from 1,000 to 10,000? (This would not be realistic in practice.) c) With an SNR of 1,000, how fast could a telephone channel carry data if the bandwidth were increased to 4 kHz? Show your work or no credit. d) What did you learn from these three analyses? Attachments


Telephone channel capacity solutions


Attached the solutions to all 4 parts along with the excel used for calculations. Attachments Screenshots
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