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Write a program that makes use of a class called Employee that will calculate an employee's weekly paycheque. Design your class based on the UML diagram to the right as well as the following notes: A static field, empCount, keeps track of the number of instantiated employees and can be retrieved using the static method getCount( ) The constructor initializes the employee's name and employee number (a random number in the range of 1000 - 9999) The method setEmployeePay( ) is overloaded to accomodate different payment methods based on empType: Type 1 - Salaried employees have a yearly salary, payed on a weekly basis Type 2 - Hourly employees are paid an hourly rate for the number of hours worked (overtime is time and a half for hours over 40) Type 3 - Piece employees are paid a base amount plus $24.00 for every piece completed The method calculatePay( ) will determine what the employee's weekly pay is, based on their payment type The methods getName( ) and getNumber( ) return the employee's name and employee number respectively All input & output should be displayed in the main class only The main program should test your class by instantiating four different employees: Test a salaried employee Test two hourly employees, one who has worked overtime and one who hasn't Test a piecework employee The following data can be hard-coded into your program (no prompts to enter data other than the names): Employee 1: (22.50, 35.0) Employee 2: (45350.00) Employee 3: (500.00, 25) Employee 4: (14.75, 48.0) Example: Enter a name: Bob Employee count is 1 Enter a name: Ted Employee count is 2 Enter a name: Carol Employee count is 3 Enter a name: Alice Employee count is 4 Employee 1583 Bob earned: $787.50 Employee 4891 Ted earned: $872.12 Employee 7954 Carol earned: $1,100.00 Employee 5497 Alice earned: $767.00 Attachments Tags Clarifications


Employee class in Java


Completed the assignment as per the requirements. Attachments (3 K) Download Preview
= 3; empBase = base; empPieces = pieces; } public String getName() { return empName; } public int getNumber() { return empNumber; } public double calculatePay() { double weeklyPay=0; if (empType == 1){ weeklyPay

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