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Java - Calculator


I need help with this code... For this problem, follow the instructions for Program #5 in Chapter 3 Exercises of your textbook. Remember the following points: Create an application that contains a method that computes the final price for a sales transaction and returns that value to a calling method. The method requires three arguments: product price, salesperson commission rate, and customer discount rate. A product's final price is the original price plus the commission amount minus the discount amount; the customer discount is taken as a percentage of the total price after the salesperson commission has been added to the original price. Write a main() method that prompts the user for the price of an item, the salesperson's commission expressed as a percentage, and the customer discount expressed as a percentage, and that then passes the values to the method. Save the application as I did it myself here...but I do not want to use the JOptionPane I want it to be in System.out.println form but everytime I try to change it, it gives me an error... import javax.swing.*; public class Calculator { public double calculation(double price, double commission, double discount){ double commissionAmt = price*commission/100; double priceWithCommission = price+commissionAmt; double discountAmt = priceWithCommission*discount /100; return price+commissionAmt-discountAmt; } public static void main(String[] args) { double price = Double.parseDouble (JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Enter the item price")); double commission = Double.parseDouble ( JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Enter the salesman commission(%)")); //salesperson commison in % double discount = Double.parseDouble (JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Enter the customer discount(%)")); // customer discount in % Calculator c = new Calculator(); double finalPrice = c.calculation (price, commission,discount); String msg = "ITEM PRICE: "+price+ "\nCommission: "+commission+"%"+ "\nDiscount: "+discount+"%"+ "\n-------------- ------------------"+ "\nFINAL PRICE: "+finalPrice; JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (null,msg); } } Attachments
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Java - Calculator - System out


Attached are the updates using System.out instead of JOptionPane

The old lines are still there but commented out so you can see the difference.
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System.out.print("Enter the salesman commission(%): "); double commission = Double.parseDouble ( input.nextLine()); //salesperson commison in % System.out.print("Enter the customer discount(%): "); double discount = Double.parseDouble (input.nextLine()); // customer discount in % Calculator c = new Calculator(); double finalPrice = c.calculation (price, commission,discount); String

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