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Database Storage Problem Term Paper and Extra Credit


I have a final project due at 11:55pm (EST) tonight. Would you have enough time to complete this? If you don't have enough time for the extra credit then just the term paper completion would be helpful. I have attached the Project Proposal "Rumbly Tumbly Delights" which the final term paper is to be based on. Below is the information for the final paper. I have also attached the information. Let me know if you have any questions. You should select a data storage problem of your interest and identify the various pieces of data that should be stored in a database. Make sure that your Term Paper follows the following format/outline: 1) Term Paper Abstract 2) Purpose and goal of the project 3) Users and administrators 4) How is this work being done now, without the database and how will the database specifically improve the process 5) Data elements to be involved: entities, attributes - High Level 6) Platform to be used: what type of database. (i.e. Short term will use MS Access, for ease of use and prototyping but long term will switch to a more robust platform like MS SQL, or Oracle, or remain in MS Access) 7) Take the database through the normalization process and design the actual database tables. 8) Do include the functional dependency analysis 9) Do include any Primary and Foreign Key designation, as needed, as well as an explanation of why you designated them as such. 10) Document the whole process and information in MS Word document. Especially make sure that you include the description of the various entities, attributes in detail, their inter-relationship and the way the database is going to be used. You should submit your term project proposal in Week 6 for approval by the instructor and submit the completed work in the final week in a Word Document (1,000 word minimum) Relevant parts of the Project Proposal may be incorporated in the above outline, modified from earlier versions/submissios as needed Attachments Tags


Recipe Database - Term Paper


Attached are the term paper additions for the database including normalization, dependencies, keys, and process.
Also attached is an access database including tables with data only. There are no forms or reports included in this.
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