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Task to create a program by following the instructions given in the program attached, keep in mind that the format and code has to look "beginner" like, but has to deliver the task. comments would be apreciated because i would like to understand as much of the code as possible. Thank you If you have any questions, email me and i will respond within a few hours. Detailed explanation: YES Specific requirements: FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS ON PAGES ATTACHED. send me all codes folder, at the end there should be 4 .java files. , , , and and with its respective .class. make it as simple as possible, it is fine as long as it fulfills the requirements, on the pages attached. Netbeans or jgrasp should be fine to work with. I would like the lowest price point available, i am just a high school student. Thanks. Also i plan to have more work done with you guys if this turns out good Attachments Tags


JAVA Solution


Java source code is attached. Attachments (1 K) Download Preview
Disc"; price = 0.0f; used = false; } public Disc(String sku, String title, float price, boolean used){ this.sku = sku; this.title = title; this.price = price; this.used = used; } // ***** Static Methods ***** public static (1 K) Download Preview
{ public static void main(String[] args) { String title = "Disc Info"; Disc[] discs = new Disc[3]; discs[0] = new MovieDVD("16005", "The Raid - Redemption", 24.99f, false, "DVD", 100, true); (1 K) Download Preview
String getFormat() { return format; } public void setFormat(String format) { this.format = format; } public int getRunTime() { return runTime; } public void setRunTime(int time) { this.runTime = time; } public boolean isNewRelease() (1 K) Download Preview
+ super.getSKU(); output += "\nArtist: " + this.artist; output += "\nTitle: " + super.getTitle(); output += "\nTracks: " + this.numOfTracks; // Create an instance for the decimal format class to format float as money DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat("'$'0.00"); output += "\nPrice: "

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