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Rock Paper Scissors - C++


Pretty basic code needed with iostream library and a library necessary for use of random number generation. The program must have ALL of the following components: 1. declare and use at least 3 constants and 3 variables 2. ask the player for input that represents a choice 3. keep running in a loop until someone wins (i.e. multiple rounds) 4. generate the opponent's "choice" using a random number generator 5. define and appropriately use at least two functions 6. declare and appropriately use at least one array 7. pass a pointer to one of the functions and use it appropriately in the function Attachments
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Rock Paper Scissors


Rock Paper Scissors Assignment with comments attached Attachments
RockPaperScissors.cpp (2 K) Download Preview
(compchoice == paper) cout << "It's a tie!\n\n\n\n"; else if (compchoice == rock) cout << "Paper beats rock! You win!" << endl; else if (compchoice == scissors) cout << "Scissors beat paper! Sorry, you lose!" << endl; } if (choice == scissors)

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