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IT Security Paper


of the course (a minimum of 2,000 words). These are pre-approved topics: • Protecting IT: A Roadmap for Securing the Enterprise • Best Practices for Network Security • Firewalls: Great Network Security Devices, but Not a "Silver Bullet" Solution • Modern Day Attacks Against Firewalls and VPNs • VPN Security Vulnerabilities Exposed If you have other topics, please send me a message for approval. The key to this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the topics, not to re-word the text or reference material. Please see Appendix A for the grading rubric on all written assignments. The paper will follow a conventional report format (introduction, body, conclusion, references). The paper is to follow the APA style guide, Sixth Edition (available via bookstores). Also refer to APA’s online resources: and the APUS web site: There should be a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references (for example, there should be no references to blogs or Wikipedia). You will be required to run your paper through, ensure that your similarity index is sufficiently low, and submit an originality report with your paper. Attachments