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The Very Cold Penguin


Create a world using the snow template. Add an eskimo and eskimoGirl (People) and an igloo (Buildings). To make a fire pit, use a torus (Shapes) and a fire (SpecialEffects). Add a penguin (Animals), and place it outside the igloo, as shown below. Change the atmosphereColor of the World to orange. The penguin is very cold so he is hiding outside the door of the igloo, but trying to get close enough to enjoy some of the heat from the fire. Make his head turn to face the fire and then look towards the camera. Make the penguin go around the igloo one time, sliding on his stomach. Stand him up after he makes the circle around the igloo and then make his head turn to face the fire again. Make the fire spin like crazy while the program is running. This uses Alice 2.2 Attachments Tags