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Additional Research Assignment 2 Evaluating Encyclopedia Resources on the Internet


1. Use your favorite search engine or directory to find the Web site for World Book Encyclopedia, and then use the “About Us,” “Board,” “Reviews,” or other similarly named links on the publisher’s Web site to learn about its contribution requirements and other quality assurance policies. (You might need to review several pages at the site to get a full picture of the encyclopedia’s quality assurance standards.) Pay par- ticular attention to author and reviewer credential requirements, review processes that ensure quality content, and any processes listed for making corrections to the published works. 2. Return to your search engine, and then find the Web site for Encyclopedia Britannica. Use the guidelines in Step 1 to evaluate the contribution requirements and quality assurance policies for this Web site. 3. Return to your search engine, and then search using the term Wikipedia quality issues and explore the links to learn about some controversies that have arisen as a result of Wikipedia’s collaborative nature. Be sure to review material that details specific prob- lems that have occurred and try to understand, what, if any, measures Wikipedia has taken to resolve these problems. 4. Referring back to the information you gathered in Steps 1 and 2 and the research you did in Step 3, what is your opinion of the use of traditional encyclopedias such as World Book Encyclopedia or Encyclopedia Britannica when compared to an online collaborative project such as Wikipedia? What role does each encyclopedia play in the field of research? How would you use each of these sources when conducting research? What level of confidence do you place in each source, and why? Provide your responses in a report for your instructor. Attachments