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modify the wac a mole


One possible modification to the wacamole game is to play it until the user has whacked all moles. To make this adjustment, change the color of the mole in the list to red whenever it is whacked. Allow the mole to be raised only if it is not already red. The game eends when all moles have been whacked. I have uploaded the wac a mole code already. I just need the modifications done. Attachments Tags Clarifications


Whack a mole ALICE Chapter 9 Ex6


Whack a mole game created in Alice 2.4

screenshot attached

Click on moles to whack them
clicked mole turns red in color and does not pop again
user score is also recorded
when all moles are whacked, "Congrats" message is displayed

Send me a message if any concerns with the code.
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