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Project 5 Descriptions For project 5 I will make a puzzle game called the 15 Puzzle. In this game it will have 15 squares. The rule is to get the numbers in order from 1 to 15. Then there will be another level for cubes for 1 to 8 in which you will have to put 8 of the cubes in order. The game will have a time that will keep track of how much time is remaining in the game to finish the puzzle. The game will have the option to play again when it ends. I will start from easy all the way to hard. The game will have sound. This game will be using some type of grid layout for it to put the tile blocks of number in. The game will give you the option to play again after the game is over. The game will only have blocks moving in in certain directions. After the game is over the player will have the option to play that same game over again or to pick a new size board like 8 by 8. Which will only have 8 blocks to arrange on the board. The game will have background music. Also have sound for the tile moving left right up and down. As the tile size changes the timer on the clock will also change to a less time to finish the game. It will also have a hint button if the player gets stuck figuring out what move to make next. If the user figures out the whole puzzle before the time is up they win. Otherwise they lose. Basically the higher the number the harder the puzzle will be to solve. Need java docs and orical doc. Attachments
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