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Java Chat program


Design and develop a Java Chat application that utilizes sockets, featuring clients and server modules. Create and establish database connection/creation using SQL. Project Secnerio: Once the user logs in, a new window opens up with the actual chat window, consisting among other things, his/her profile on the left side, and the chat and file sharing interface on the right. It should also display who is currently logged in and connected to the program. When a user sends a message or data, all the other clients receive it and vice versa. For a new user, when the user clicks ‘create new profile’, the program opens another window, allowing the user to enter first and last names, email address, and telephone number, and a password. After logging out, the program closes the chat interface and redirects the user to the login window. All Classes and Methods that should be used in this project: • Java database connection (JDBC) • Java Sockets • Java Swing components • My SQL Java connector ALL Classes • • Server.Java • Client.Java • ChatMessage.Java • • ReadThread • Thread • JFrame Font for all headings for this project: •Calibri Light, 32 font size and Gray font color (no bold) For all body text •Calibri light, 20 font size and Gray font color ALL TEXT FIELDS MUST BE GRAY •Theme is centered around orange/black color mix. The buttons are orange, certain backgrounds for text are colored black. Any text on a black background has orange font for headings and light orange font for text SCREENSHOTS OF THE COMPILED PROGRAM AND CHAT WINDOWS SHOULD BE ATTACHED. Attachments
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