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Simple Java program 6


use file Write a Java method named intersection that accepts two arguments, both arrays of integers; these arrays may contain a different number of elements from each other. Your method must return the value true if there exists an integer value, k, that is contained in both tables. If no such integer exists, then your method should return the value false. You are not to assume that k is any integer value in particular! Write a main method which shows off the features of your method. Hint: It will be helpful if you write a method contains, that tells you whether an integer appears in an array or not. Attachments
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ArrayIntersect - Solution


Below the solution for the ArrayIntersect assignment. Attachments (1 K) Download Preview
4}, new int[]{6, 1241, 234, 1})) { System.out.println("An integer is appears in both arrays."); } else { System.out.println("No integer is appears

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