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Simple Java program 1


use file Use Java’s type-casting mechanism to write a program that prints 20 “random” license plate numbers, each one consisting of three randomly-chosen digits followed by three randomly chosen upper-case letters. The first digit cannot be zero. Sample output might look like: 382 HGK 809 YEU ... Attachments
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Solution Random License


Below is the solution for the given assignment. It contains the file and a screenshot of the working solution. Each method of the java file contains comments for better explanation. Attachments
Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 16.20.49.png (30 K) Download Preview (1 K) Download Preview
given length. The half of it is * composed of non zero random numbers and the last half is composed of * upper case random characters. * * @param licenceLength * The length of the license. * @return A random license plate. */ private static String createLicensePlate(int licenceLength) {

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