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secret word game


Time to play a game. The game starts by the end user clicking a button to "Roll Dice". That action will create the secret letter. A treasure letter is a secret letter the player does not know about. Then the user types a paragraph of text that is made of a maximum of 50 letters including spaces. The user wins when their text contains the secret letters more than one fifth of the text length. For example, if the text is 40 characters long, and the secret letter is e, and the letter e appears at least 8 times, then the user wins. In that case, the user collects 1 point + an extra of the excess count beyond 8. So if the count is 10, the user wins 1 point + (10-8) or a total of 3. To earn credit the code must adhere to the following guidelines otherwise no credit will be assigned even if the code works: Using SubString, Your code must use the substring function along with a For loop. Display the output in a messagebox. The code must handle all possible runtime errors and display the appropriate error message. Add top level comments with your name, Assignment#, and Date. Do not comment every line. Other than the Substring and the Length functions, no other string processing function is allowed. Review prior units on string processing functions. Do not use VB 6.0 functions other than type conversion ones. Important Note: From this assignment on, there will be a 0.25 deduction for every Option Strict violation. Attachments Tags Clarifications