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Alice Chapter 6 Project Help


It has been a hot, dry summer and a hive of bees is in desperate need of a new supply of pollen. One bee (Animals/Bugs) has ventured far from the hive to scout for new pollen sources. A natural place to look is near ponds in the area. Set up the initial scene with a circle (Shapes) flat on the ground and colored blue to look like a pond. Add plants, trees, and other natural scenery including some flowers (Nature). Be sure the bee is located somewhere around the edge of the pond, as shown in the screen shot here. Write a program to animate the bee scouting the edge of a pond for flowers that are in bloom. The bee is to fly around the perimeter of the pond (circle). Write a method to move the bee scout around the perimeter of the pond in which the circumference of the circle is used to guide the motion. (Yes, asSeenBy could be used—but that is not the point of this exercise.) The formula for computing the circumference of a circle is the diameter of the circle. is 3.14 and the diameter is the object’s width. Write a function that computes and returns the circumference of the circle. Then have the bee fly around the perimeter of the pond by moving forward the amount of meters returned by the circumference function while turning left one revolution. Initial Scene: 5 points Function that return circumference: 10 points Bee fly around animation(should use function): 10 points Attachments


Chapter 6-3 Bee Scout


Attached is a program for Chapter 6. Notes are included within the program to help. Program was developed using 2.4.2.

Image below is the program received.

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