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BGI Graphics, Median filtering to make perfect photo C++


In this assignment we have to 9 pictures of a man and a statue and we basically have to take the median filter and remove the man from the photo and the final image is the statue alone. A median filter implementation has to be used to remove the man from the image. We were given a skeleton which shows us how to load images, get RGB values etc. I have started this assignment and have been stuck. Here is the grading rubric: 10 points for comments and following a plan 10 points loading the images 10 being able to traverse the image and obtain pixel values 20 points for median pixel RGB calculation 20 points for writing an image out a timely manner (if it takes forever to see the image you need to check how often you load the images-- if you do more than 9 loads) 30 points for the image being the correct image without the person I will upload the skeleton, what I've been able to get done so far, and the folder containing the images. Please try to follow the skeleton as much as possible. Or if you can start by editing my code that would also be helpful. Attachments Tags