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Problem Statement In a serious attempt to downsize (reduce) the riffRaff in politics, The New Panda Party with the motto "we promise to keep none of our promises." has decided on the following strategy. Every day all Panda applicants will be placed in a large circle, facing inwards. Someone is arbitrarily chosen as number 1, and the rest are numbered counter-clockwise up to N (who will be standing on 1's left). Starting from 1 and moving counter-clockwise, one PandaBS official counts off k applicants, while another official starts from N and moves clockwise, counting m applicants. If both officials pick two different applicants the two who were chosen are then sent off to have their brains studied for a cure; if both officials pick the same person she (he) is sent off to become a politician. Each official then starts counting again at the next available person and the process continues until no-one is left. Note that the two victims (sorry, trainees) leave the ring simultaneously, so it is possible for one official to count a person already selected by the other official. Input File Format Write a program that asks the user for the name of a valid input file. If the file exists, the program should read in (in that order) the three numbers (N, k and m; k, m > 0, 0 < N < 100) and determine the order in which the applicants are sent off for political retraining. Each set of three numbers will be on a separate line and the end of data will be signalled by three zeroes (0 0 0). Here is a sample input file: 10 4 3 0 0 0 Output Requirements The output should be sent to a file named LinkedListProgram.txt. For each input, the output should show the order in which the people are chosen. For each round in which two different people are chosen, list the person chosen by the counter-clockwise official first. Here is the required output for the above input file: Program 4 --------- N = 10, k = 4, m = 3 Output ------ 4 8 9 5 3 1 2 6 10 7 End of Program 4 Requirements and Grading 12 points. You are required to design and implement your own linked list (in the style of what we have done in lecture this week) as opposed to using a built-in class provided by Java. The class you use should be doubly-linked (6 points), circular (3 point) and if it works of course(3 point). 12 points. The program finds the correct answer. Your TA will test your program on some sample files that Hunter will provide to them after the assignment is due. Thus, please test your program thoroughly before submitting it. 6 points. The program finds the solution in a reasonably efficient manner. For example, if N = 10, k = 1 and m = 450, the m judge should not circle around the candidates needlessly. 5 points. The program sends it output to a file named LinkedListProgram.txt 5 points. The program's output matches the required output format described above. 10 points. The program uses good style. This includes factors such as appropriate commenting, good object oriented design, readable code that is high quality, etc. Attachments
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