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GUI (Paint) Part II


applay all of this on the code i posted rally simple // A way to change the color you are drawing with, sliders or JColorChooser and a swatch to show the color. Use the ImageBuffer class that fixes repainting, backgrounds, easy clearing, etc. etc. A menu bar with a File, View, and About pulldown menus. File should have a save and exit, save not active, exit working. Nothing under View, and Help should have a "About" choice that pops up a window with your company logo, you can use a JDialog Window to pop up the logo. This is example is on yesterday's lecture link. Get the graphics for drawing on your buttons and draw the shapes on the buttons instead of words. setActionCommands so you can tell what buttons are being clicked. This example I will show on next lecture. Space your buttons so they look centered and nice for the user (also on the next lecture, button graphic example). Attachments Tags Clarifications