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Modify Existing Java Program using Exception Handling


Modify any one (your choice) of the existing programs from Exception handling zip file and write out detail comments, the programs purpose and programmer information. Write in detailed notes/comments on what has been modified/customized. Attachments Tags Clarifications


Modify Exception Handling


Here I modified the DivisionMistakeCaught. Where I generate a random array with denominators with the user specifying its size. And then try to divide 10 with any random denominator in
the array. The program will throw an exception if in the array will be found a
0. Also I changed the result, making it more precise by converting the type from int to double.
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* * @param min The minimum range. * @param max The maximum range. * @return A random integer number */ public static int getRandomNumberFrom(int min, int max) { Random r = new Random(); int randomNumber = r.nextInt((max + 1) - min) + min;

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