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Java Swing Components Assignment


Use the files from Swing_Components (zipped) folder and create the following two Java applications: 1. Create an application of your own choice utilizing the Swing Components. Example: You can make an application of your own choice showing the values of cars depending upon the models or years chosen. Use your creativity. Please write out your program purpose and include detailed notes/comments throughout. 2. Modify the 2nd program (not the one used for part 1) and add some more components of your choice. Be creative and design a basic useful program. Please write out your program purpose and the changes you have made to the existing program. Attachments Tags Clarifications


JPizza - Solution


Modified file as requested in the email. Attachments
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 14.28.15.png (60 K) Download Preview (6 K) Download Preview
gbc.gridy = 4; gbc.gridwidth = 2; panel.add(new JSeparator(JSeparator.HORIZONTAL), gbc); gbc.gridx = 0; gbc.gridy = 5; gbc.gridwidth = 1; panel.add(total, gbc); gbc.gridx = 1; gbc.gridy = 5; panel.add(totPrice, gbc); gbc.gridx = 0; gbc.gridy = 6; panel.add(new JLabel("Delivery"), gbc);

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