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Add more functions to a Java Calculator Program


Take the program example ( and design an interactive solution to do more Math practices. Add more complicated math (logarithms or other math functions). Make sure your program has a menu to choose from the math practice and also provide choices to continue on more math practice. Include a method which explains what the program does and detailed notes/comments on what has been added or modified. Attachments Tags Clarifications


Java Calculator - Solution


On the following I reformatted the whole code. Making it more readable, and understandable. As for calculation operation, implemented are:
1. addition
2. subtraction
3. multiplication
4. square root
5. power
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 22.30.10.png (152 K) Download Preview (6 K) Download Preview
@return The square root of <code>a</code>. */ private static int doSquareRoot(int a) { System.out.println("Welcome to our Square Root practice"); System.out.print("Square root of " + a + ": "); return (int) Math.sqrt(a); } /** * Does the power operation. * * @param a The number. * @param b The exponent. *

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