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Basic Monthly Budget Calculator Java Program with Bar Graph


Write an interactive Java application that calculates the monthly expenditures and creates a bar graph to show how much is spent on what item categories. Include at least 4 categories. Make sure the program is interactive and uses data entered by the users. Include a method which explains what the program does and include detailed notes/comments throughout the program. Attachments
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Monthly Budget Calculator with Bar Graph - Solution


I implemented the program following the requirements you provided in your email. Attachments (3 K) Download Preview
the chart title */ private String chartTitle; /** * Default constructor initialing the title, values and the labels of the chart. * * @param chartTitle The chart title. * @param values The values of each label * @param labels The label names. */ public BudgetChartPanel(String chartTitle, double[] values, String[] labels) (10 K) Download Preview
the following only when the text field not empty is. if (!value.isEmpty()) { try { // Parse the monthly income to a double value. double parsedValue = Double.parseDouble(value); /* Reference field to the sum of bills */ double sum = calculateBills(); values[4] = sum; // set the last value of

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