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this is a java assignment which basically to create a suduko game using arrays Attachments Tags Clarifications


Solution for Java3 Assignment , and


Hi jstorm,
There are two assignments
1)Java3 Asignment consist of files ,, WorldSeriesWinners.txt, put all these files in a folder, compile java files and then run the file

2) and files are for your second assignment
compile them and run LoShuClassTester,java

I have attched ScreebShots too for your reference
and Please ask if you have any doubts. you can mail me at ravi.kmr.singh8[at]
Attachments (4 K) Download Preview
name"); System.out.println("2.........Print out the Winner List sorted by years"); System.out.println("3.........Print out the Winner of a particular year"); System.out.println("4.........Print out the years a particular team won"); System.out.println("5.........Exit the Program"); System.out.println("Which Choice Would You Like?"); choice = keyboard.nextInt(); switch(choice) { case 1: (1 K) Download Preview
/* * Make default constructor private so programers who use this * class are forced to use the constructor that requires them * to provide both the team name and year */

WorldSeriesWinners.txt (2 K) Download Preview
Athletics 1975 Cincinnati Reds 1976 Cincinnati Reds 1977 New York Yankees 1978 New York Yankees 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates 1980 Philadelphia Phillies 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers 1982 St. Louis Cardinals 1983 Baltimore Orioles 1984 Detroit Tigers 1985 Kansas City Royals 1986 New York Mets 1987 Minnesota Twins 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers (1 K) Download Preview
new int[3][3]; matrix[0][0] = 4; matrix[0][1] = 9; matrix[0][2] = 2; matrix[1][0] = 3; matrix[1][1] = 5; matrix[1][2] = 7; matrix[2][0] = (1 K) Download Preview
for(int j=0;j<mat.length;j++){ sum+=mat[0][j]; } //get sum of each row if it is loshumagic it should be equal to sum for(int i=0;i<mat.length;i++){ int tempSum=0; for(int j=0;j<mat.length;j++){ tempSum+=mat[i][j]; } if(tempSum!=sum)return false; }

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loShuMatrix.PNG (2 K) Download Preview

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