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Advanced GUI Applications


Objectives Understand how to use the Swing and AWT Java classes to create advanced graphical user interfaces. Lab Assignment This lab assignment will ask you to write a program using Swing and AWT Java classes. Exercise 1 Create a New Project named WeekListWindow Create a GUI application that lists the days of the week (using a JList). Have the program display the day of the week in a read-only text field when one of the days is selected. Attachments Tags Clarifications


WeekListWindow Gui - Solution


Below you'll find the implemented program together with a screen shot of the program running. Attachments (2 K) Download Preview
week panel JPanel weekPanel = new JPanel(); //3. Create week list JList<String> weekList = new JList<>(STRINGS); weekList.addListSelectionListener(this); //4. Add weekList to the week panel weekPanel.add(weekList); //5. Create text panel JPanel textPanel = new JPanel(); //6. Create text field to display the day textField = new JTextField("Select a day from the

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 23.42.04.png (34 K) Download Preview

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