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Python Student Grades


Project We are going to write a program that allows a user to create records of students which will be saved into a text file called “ StudentGrades ” . This program will provide with add itional functions as shown in the menu list below. 1. Add a Student Record 2. Remove a Student Record 3. Lookup a Student 4. Load Grades 5. Save Grades 6. Print Grades 7. Print Menu 8. Quit Add Student Record T he program will ask the user to enter first the name of the Student (Last Name and First Name) first. Then it will ask the user to enter in the correct order the m id term grade, the final ex am grade and three homework grades ( Midterm, Final, HMW1, HMW2, HMW3) respectively . The program will provide with Remove a Student Record The program will allow user to enter a student name (Last Name First Name) and search in the file record to see if the student exist and deletes it from the record. IF the student is not found the program notifies the user with the appropriate message Lookup a Student The program checks for a student name ( Last name First name) in the Student record file or from memory and retrieves the information from that student and displays it on the screen . Name: Marcia Mid Term: 77 Final Exam: 98 HMW1: 100 HMW2: 88 HMW3: 99 Load Grades The program allows the user to load the StudentGrades file from storage and puts it in the computer memory for edit in g or printing . User can then add more students or delete stu dents. Save Grades The program allows the user to define a storage file to save to storage all the students and their grades after they were edit ed ( created or deleted ) Print Grades The program will print the names and grades of all the known student that have been loaded, created or edited. Name: Robert Mid Term: 44 Final Exam: 23 HMW1: 55 HMW2: 64 HMW3: 55 Name: Natani Mid Term: 76 Final Exam: 87 HMW1: 98 HMW2: 89 HMW3: 70 Name: Marcia Mid Term: 77 Final Exam: 98 HMW1: 100 HMW2: 88 HMW3: 99 Name: Mary Mid Term: 66 Final Exam: 77 HMW1: 46 HMW2: 78 HMW3: 90 Print Menu If you do not refresh the screen each time you perform a function on the user interface, you should provide this function to print the user menu options. Quit The program should allow the user to quit Attachments
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