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java assignment


Do NOT submit .java files. Please submit a zip file of your source code. Implement a modified version of the card game WAR. In this game there will be two players, and each player will be dealt 26 cards. The players do not get to choose which card they will play. Instead, the top card from each of the Hands is played, so a total of two cards are played. The card with the higher value wins, giving the player who played it a point. After 26 rounds the game is over and a winner should be declared based on points. In the event of a tie between cards. For example 5 of clubs vs. 5 of hearts, the tie will be broken as follows: diamonds (lowest value), followed by clubs, hearts, and spades (highest value) So in this case, the 5 of hearts beats the 5 of clubs. It should not be plagiarized of copied from anyone Attachments