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Hi, I'm having issues with using the switch loop in java. Its very easy to do. I think Its just a small error or something i didn't do right. Please review my work and help me. Thank you in advanced to whomsoever helps me. I wish i could pay you to do it for me but I am unfortunately not a 'rich kid'. Basically my program needs to have a set account balance of 5000. I have 5 cases. When a user enters 1 in the text field, it must display balance. If user types 2 it must display balance - withdrawal and paste it to a textfield. when a user enters 3, a JOptionPane must ask how much he wants to deposit and set his balance to balance+deposit-withdrawals and paste it to the text field. when a user selects 4 it must display all whats on the text field to a JOptionPane dialog. PLEASE HELP ME (: Attachments Tags Clarifications