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E/R Diagram - due tonight by 11:30


You have been asked to analyze the following business for a new database system: Kansas Movie Theatre is a small movie theater in downtown Kansas. It only has three movie screens and seats 100 in each theater. The theater has a concession stand that sells popcorn, drinks, nachos, candy and hotdogs. The theater employs 8 employees – 3 that run the movies during the week, 3 that run the concession stand during the week, and 2 that work in the office accounting area. It orders movies for viewing from several different distributors. Movies play for three weeks. Employees get paid every week. It also has movie posters of current and upcoming movies displayed around the main lobby area. It lists the movies playing on their website and in the newspaper. 1. List the various business functions for Kansas Movie Theater and the entities under each business function 2. Draw your E/R diagram based upon the entities you chose for the movie theater. Be sure to include on your diagram the entities, relationships, attributes (you only need to list 3-4 attributes for each entitity), and cardinalities. Attachments