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Alice Program Assignment Chapter 4 #8 Dragons


Legend has it that dragons are distant relatives of chickens. We are not surprised, then that a favorite pastime of dragons was a game of “chicken”. The scene below shows a world with 4 dragons (medieval) placed in a diamond like pattern (similar o baseball players at four bases). Create a simulation of a game of chicken where any 2 dragons face each other and fly upward to a slightly different height above the ground. Then the dragons fly toward each other, nearly missing one another. Each dragon should land in the position where the other dragon was located. That is, the two dragons trade places. Your simulation should use a method named dragonFlight that has four parameters—the two dragons that will face off in a game of chicken and the height for each dragon’s flight. Attachments Tags Clarifications


Chapter 4 Exercise 8


Attached is a program for Chapter 4 #8. Notes are included within the program to help. Program was developed using 2.4.2 which will work with 2.2.

Image below is the program received.

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