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Throughout every module/week of the course, you will design and create an Oracle database system. The system will meet a current business need that is appropriate to the learned content in the course. At the minimum, the database will scale to meet the needs of a small business with 50–100 employees. It will include fundamental database functionality for the company ranging from human resources to sales. Upon completion of design and creation, you will write relevant business reports that allow the business to track key performance indicators. All components will be compiled into one final project due in Module/Week 8. A global Christian health care company has outgrown its current DB2 database. The health care company’s DB2 database centralizes data from hundreds of missionary hospitals throughout the world. A feasibility study has indicated that an Oracle DBMS is the appropriate replacement solution. As the lead database administrator, your objective is to design a portion of the final database, implement the design, and code appropriate data management processes. The project can focus on the hospital solution for one of the following divisions: • Professional training center • Marketing • Pediatric center • Critical care • Executive administration • Information systems • Accounting Attachments Tags Clarifications