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Singleton Pattern Program in Java


Write a Java program to demonstrate the Singleton pattern. The key parts of the singleton pattern are: A private static variable to store the single instance called the singleton A public static method for callers to get a reference to the instance A private constructor so no callers can instantiate the object directly Using these key parts, write a Java program that will allow a user of the program to assign only one runner to each of the 8 lanes of running track in a field. Include a brief documentation (in the code or in a separate document) to explain the input (if any), processing and output of the program. Attachments
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Singleton Pattern Program in Java Example


In the attachment you'll find two java files. is the implementation of a House using the singleton pattern. is the test class for the Attachments (1 K) Download Preview
TestHouse { public static void main(String[] (2 K) Download Preview
{ if (!isHasGarden()) { return "The house with id: " + getId() + ", has a price of " + getPrice() + "$ and has " + getRooms() + " rooms but no garden."; } return "The house with id: " + getId() + ", has a price of "

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