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alice CH4


Assignment Instructions cleverSkater.a2w: Instructions: Chapter 4 Page 133, #9 Enhanced cleverSkater Create an even better cleverSkater than the one created in Section 4.3. Use that code as the basis for your World. In addition to the skateForward, spin and skateAround methods, create skateBackward and jump class-level methods. In skateBackward, the skater should perform similar actions to those in the skateForward method, but slide backward instead of forward. In a jump method, the skater should move forward, lift one leg, then move upward (in the air) and back down to land gracefully on the ice and lower her leg back to its starting position. Save out your enhance skater as EnhancedCleverSkater. Test your newly defined class by starting a new world with a frozen lake. Add an enhancedCleverSkater to the world. Also, add a penguin and a duck. Call each of the methods you have written. Then call the skateAround method to make the skater skate around the penguin and then the duck. (This requires 2 calls to the skateAround method.) Be sure to leave the first method intact in the events window. If you choose to have no action in it, that is fine but you need to include the internal documentation, as described above, in this method so that it is visible when the world is opened. Submission Instructions: Submit each Alice program labeled with your initials and the chapter number (BowenChapter4.a2w). Be sure that each program meets the minimum requirements and contains internal documentation which identifies the following: Attachments


Chapter 4 Exercise 9


- Used Alice 2.4.2
- requirements met
- no refunds
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