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Snowman to Stool This exercise uses a number function as the count for a Loop. Create a world with a snowman and a stool, as seen below. Use a Loop to make the snowman (People) move to the stool (Kitchen), one meter at a time. Use a distance to function to determine the number of times the loop repeats. (The distance to function might return a fractional distance such as 3.75 meters. The Loop statement truncates the fractional number to the integer 3 and will repeat three times.) We recommend that you test your solution by moving the snowman and the stool to different locations on the screen and running the program with each change, so you can know whether it works no matter where the snowman and the stool are located. Submission Instructions: Submit each Alice program labeled with your last name and the chapter number (BowenChapter3.a2w). Use the Comment Tool [See bottom line in ALICE containing the process icons. The Comment Tool [//] is the last ‘button’ in that row.] to add your internal documentation. Be sure that each program meets the minimum requirements and contains internal documentation which identifies the following: Attachments


snowman and stool (ch 3 #7)


used 2.4.2. image taken from uploaded program. works great - no refunds. Attachments Screenshots
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