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WDMD312 - Web Design Project


File Sharing Application For this assignment, we will create a PHP application that will provide a secure way of sharing files on the Web. This application will build upon the (guest/guest) example from class. Ideal solutions will include: 1. 10 points: Login and password for two users. 2. 20 points: One user type will only be allowed to upload files. The second type will be allowed to both upload and delete files. 3. 10 points: Passwords should be stored and encrypted in a mySQL database. 4. 15 points: Users should only be allowed to upload Web-safe images. 5. 5 points: Require a header with a graphic that identifies your gallery. Require a footer that includes a copyright statement and email address. 6. 10 points: Images should be no larger than 8mb. 7. 10 points: Code should be well-formed, and commented. Files and directories should be structured according to the best-practice offered in class. 8. 20 points: Will be awarded based on your responses to the questions below. Details Attached Attachments Tags Clarifications