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Java - Acronym Generator


Write an interactive Java application that does the following: Acronyms are common in the business world. For example, www stands for World Wide Web, IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment, etc. Your job is to write an interactive java application that would ask the user to input the words that you want to generate acronyms for and the program is going to spit out the appropriate acronym in all capital letters. Output: Welcome to my Java application. This program ………………….. Program design by: John King Enter the words: world wide wrestling The acronym for this word should be WWW Do you want to continue: If yes, continue, otherwise end your program. Thank you for using my acronym generator program. You can also use your creativity to design a solution of your choice using the String functions that you learnt in this chapter. Put on your “designer” hat and create solutions using Java language that is practical and useful. Include a method which explains what the program does and details about the programmer Attachments
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Java - Acronym Generator - Solution


Attached is the solution to the Java - Acronym Generator assignment including source and comments Attachments (1 K) Download Preview
//scanner for input Scanner input = new Scanner(; //display welcome message System.out.println("Welcome to my Java application. This program will automatically generate an acronym."); System.out.println("Program design by: John King\n"); String choice = ""; //loop until user chooses to quit while(!choice.equalsIgnoreCase("N")){

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