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Java FX - Mortgage Calculator


25.5 (Mortgage Calculator App) Create a mortgage calculator app that allows the user to enter a purchase price, down-payment amount and an interest rate. Based on these values, the app should calculate the loan amount (purchase price minus down payment) and display the monthly payment for 10-, 20- and 30-year loans. Allow the user to select a custom loan duration (in years) by using a Slider and display the monthly payment for that custom loan duration. Attachments
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Java FX - Mortgage Calculator - Solution


Attached is the solution to the Java FX - Mortgage Calculator assignment including source and comments Attachments (4 K) Download

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int termInYears, double interestRate) { // Convert interest rate into a decimal // eg. 6.5% = 0.065 interestRate /= 100.0; // Monthly interest rate // is the yearly rate divided by 12 double monthlyRate = interestRate / 12.0; // The

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